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(More than just computers, networking, and security)

How is DREWDATA different than other IT support companies?  We take IT support all the way to the dental hardware and software.  If you are having issues with your sensors, pano, intraoral, CBCT, or practice management software, we can help!

Unlimited PC and Server Support

Problem with a scanner? Creating a PDF? Printing? Slowness? Sensors?

If it's technical, we support it.  You can engage us for all your technical issues without the worry of high fees, or long hold times.

Unlimited Onsite Support

If we can't fix it over the phone, we'll head on over and fix it for you in person.  Unlimited on-site support gives you and your staff the peace of mind you need to know that someone is there to help, no matter what is needed.

Practice Management Support and Upgrades

Falling behind on updates?  Do you need the new features of the new version? Do you have a good backup? What if the upgrade fails, how to you go back?

You shouldn't have to worry about this.  Let us manage all your upgrades, patching, backups and configurations.


We use the best security practices to automatically protect sensitive data on all computers and servers. Drive encryption and custom security software are used at all times to make sure your data can't be compromised.  This includes securing your network for PCI compliance and protection from local threats. All of these security best practices make your office completely HIPAA compliant.

Nightly Backups

Backup best practice is to have 3 copies of your data. Our backup solution provides live redundancy on the production data, nightly full on-site backups, and nightly full off-site backups.  Your data is always encrypted and safe from any ransomware attacks.


Technical documentation is provided for all your technology to make sure you have all the information you need at your fingertips.  Configuration details, login information, architecture design, etc. are all provided to you securely as part of our service.

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